Pelargonium “Ettr”

EGP 65.00

Pelargonium is a perennial aromatic plant that fits very well on a balcony with medium sunlight. It has many benefits when drinking.

Sunny plant, at least 3-5 hours/ day.

Moderate watering when the soil gets dry.

Easy low maintenance plant.

It comes in a colored pot “size 13cm” – with a plant height of 15-20 cm.

Growing conditions:


When choosing a location for your Pelargonium, find one where the plant will receive morning sun and partial afternoon shade.


Pelargonium plants enjoy thoroughly moist soil (but avoid overwatering). So ensure watering your plant whenever the soil gets dry, it may be on a daily basis in summer and after many days intervals in winter.


The price doesn’t include the shipping fees. 

Delivery within 2-6 workdays

Weight 0.25 kg
Dimensions 16 × 16 × 20 cm


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