Cilantro seeds

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Cilantro seeds are easy to plant. follow the instructions for better germination.

Sunny plant, at least 4-6 hours/ day.

Low watering when the soil gets dry.

Low maintenance plant.

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Cilantro seeds sachet


Cilantro prefers to be planted in cool weather, sow it on top of the soil and just cover it with a very thin layer of soil to ensure easy germination. You don’t need to sow all of the sachet seeds, just take a few of them for sowing.


Make sure to just moisturize the top surface of the soil, if you water it like the big plants the seeds will die and never germinate. You can water it with a sprayer. Once the plant begins germination increase the water amount relatively.


The germination process doesn’t need direct sunlight, but when the seeds have germinated you have to translocate them to direct sunlight. The balcony will be an adequate place. The new germination needs at least 4-6 hours per day of direct sunlight.


The seeds come without soil or pots, we have a complete kit if you want which is located in the kits category.

Store your seeds in a cool dry places, and make sure to close your sachet tightly.


The price doesn’t include the shipping fees. 

Delivering within 2-6 workdays

Weight 10 kg


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