Chlorophytum (spider plant)

EGP 195.00

An indoor plant that tolerates the shadow places.

Needs bright indirect sunlight.

Moderate watering when the soil gets dry.

Easy low maintenance plant.

It comes in a dark red pot – “Size 15cm” with plant height 20-25 cm.

Growing Conditions:


Give your plant bright, indirect light to maintain the variegation on the leaves. Keep the plant out of direct sunlight because it can scorch leaves.


Water them well but do not allow the plants to become too soggy, which can lead to root rot. In fact, spider plants prefer to dry out some between waterings.


The price doesn’t include the shipping fees. 

Delivering within 2-6 workdays.

Weight 0.25 kg
Dimensions 14 × 14 × 25 cm


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