Arabian jasmine

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Arabian jasmine is a perennial aromatic plant that fits very well on a sunny balcony.

Sunny plant, at least 4-6 hours/ day.

Moderate watering when the soil gets dry.

Medium maintenance plant.

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It comes in a dark red pot – 25 cm – with a plant height of 40-50 cm.

Growing conditions:


Put the Arabian jasmine in a location that offers full sun to partial shade. Avoid putting it in a dark place or indoors.


The watering of your Arabian Jasmine must never be neglected. Apply water before the soil appears dry — never allow the soil to become completely dry. In the winter, water it when you are sure that the soil get dry (Any further watering will cause water harm to the plant).


Be sure to fertilize the Arabian jasmine regularly to enhance and boost the flowering production, use the flowering fertilizer which contains a high ratio of potassium.


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Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 25 × 25 × 40 cm


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