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It’s time to bring the garden inside and give new life to your interior. These days there is plenty of talk about environmentally friendly ‘green’ homes. But let’s talk about a truly green home full of living plants, where the inhabitants can relax and nurture their souls surrounded by natural beauty.


Technically, there is no such thing as an indoor plant — only a plant that can handle the added stress of growing indoors. After all, indoor living robs plants of most of the elements they need to flourish — rain, fresh air and sunshine.

Plants that can survive under a roof usually come from subtropical climates and are accustomed to growing in dappled light conditions.

The plants we have selected are more likely to withstand fluctuating temperatures between night and day and season to season, low light and frequent drying-out.

Also, bear in mind that indoor plants bought directly from the nursery have usually been reared in a temperature-controlled glasshouse with frequent water and fertilizing.

For best results, gradually acclimatize plants to your home’s conditions. Keep up the water and the feed for the first few months then wean them off all the attention slowly to harden them up, taking care not to neglect them too much.


Just as an outdoor garden creates a sense of peace and belonging, growing plants indoors helps us to relax. Recent studies by Professor Margaret Burchett of the University of Technology Sydney suggest adding a few indoor plants to your home or office filters out toxins from the air that are given off from carpet, furniture, paint and even cosmetics.

They discovered indoor air is more polluted than outdoor air and just one plant per room can help purify the air.

This is why we feel more relaxed when surrounded by plants — they help us breathe better air.